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When your reputation and your freedom are on the line, lean on an attorney with the documented experience and success to see you through to the other side. My name is Jerry Novak and I have been serving the citizens of Grayslake, as well as all of Lake County, for over 30 years. When it comes to DUI and Criminal Defense, some law firms “take” these types of cases. What I mean, is that many law firms focus on multiple areas of law. I ONLY focus on Criminal Defense. I am passionate about the defense of my clients. I promise you, you wont find ANYONE who will work harder then me when it comes to defending the rights of my clients. 

Jerald Novak & Associates is a boutique criminal defense agency. We have decades of experience in the areas of DUI and Criminal Defense. Read below, browse through our interactive website, or call us directly. We provide free confidential telephone consultations. Call today and let us fight for your rights and your freedom.

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I am attorney Jerry Novak, and if you are taking the time to read my site, chances are you might need an attorney. I want every client to feel at ease when they call my firm. In fact, I personally meet or speak with every client directly. Your reputation, career, and freedom are on the line. I will do everything in my power to fight for your rights. Call me today and lets discuss, confidentially, how we can develop a defense strategy suited just for you and your unique situation.

Even if you are innocent, an arrest or charge can STILL cause harm to your reputation. Your job security and your ability to work may be put at risk after being accused of a crime. I have the experience and proven track record of successfully defending thousands of criminal cases. If you are looking for Criminal Defense Attorneys in Grayslake, call me today.

Keys to Successful Defense

In my opinion experience truly maters. Anything can happen in a court room or with a case. Utilizing a law firm who has seen almost anything can help.

Confidential Consultation

First we need to discuss and dive into your case. We do this by working together, one on one, to figure out how to best protect your position. Call today.

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Our clients truly appreciate our dedication and work ethic. They like the results they get even better. We have glowing five star client reviews, you can even call them.

Best DUI Attorney in Grayslake, IL

As one of the most sought after, and highly decorated DUI attorneys in Illinois, I personally believe “I WIN DUI”. It’s on my business cards and billboards because I STAND behind my commitment to fight your DUI to WIN. 

So, how do I do it? The answer is very simple. I work HARDER then everyone else. For nearly four decades I have studied, litigated, argued, and fought for each and every client of mine. I leave no stone unturned, no angle untested. The best offense is a phenomenal defense. That is what I bring to the court room. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI, Drug Charge, or any Criminal Charge please call my law firm today and request a confidential, no risk free consultation.

Lake County Drug Crimes Attorney

If you are searching online for a Lake County Drug Crimes Attorney do not panic. Yes, a drug crime can carry serious penalties. However, if you’re looking for an attorney you are already on the right path. A private criminal lawyer is dedicated to defending your case. Not everyone can afford a quality, personal lawyer. In those cases the state will provide an attorney. For those who are fortunate enough to be able to hire their own attorney, please call our law firm today. We do pride ourselves on affordability, payment plans, and we will do everything we can to make hiring us fit your budget. 

One reason why we recommend hiring a private lawyer is that Lake County has been cracking down on drug crimes. Many people, especially families, move away from Chicago and live inside the suburbs of Lake County. They do this to avoid crime and to provide a better lifestyle for their loved ones. Over the last few years our Drug Crime rate has risen, so law enforcement agencies are taking steps to help prevent this. This means harsher penalties and swifter actions. Again, call today for a free consultation. 

Grayslake Criminal Defense Law Firm Reviews

DUI arrest − whether the first, second or any subsequent offense − can be tough to handle. You want to make sure that a simple mistake or alcohol problem does not cast a shadow over the rest of your life.

I am Jerry Novak, an experienced Illinois DUI attorney. I started Jerald Novak & Associates to help people in Lake County and northern Cook County, Illinois, who have been arrested for DUI or other criminal charges including weapon concealment. Call me today at (847) 250-1385 or contact me for a free initial consultation.

My job is to simply and clearly explain the law to my clients, tell them what to expect, and help them avoid the harsh penalties associated with a DUI or criminal arrest. If you lost your license, I have a proven record of providing driving relief.

I don’t just say I can help with your Illinois DUI defense; I have the experience to prove it.

As an experienced DWI defense lawyer, I have handled thousands of drunk driving cases and have had extraordinary success helping clients deal with a wide range of issues related to DUI/DWI charges. Areas my drunk driving defense firm routinely handles include:

If you are charged with DUI, you need a law firm that concentrates on DUI defense. At Jerald Novak & Associates, that is exactly what you get. By concentrating on DUI cases, I am able to provide my clients with the most skilled and informed representation available in Lake County and Cook County. I keep up to date with the significant changes to Illinois DUI/DWI laws, and am able to use my knowledge and skills to form an effective and creative defense strategy for you.

My client testimonials speak volumes about what I can achieve in Illinois DUI cases, and if you would like, you can speak directly to clients I have helped.

A Proven Success

If you have been charged with driving-under-the-influence or any other criminal offense, please contact Jerald Novak & Associates. I Win DUI Cases.

When the law wants you…

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you need to understand that law enforcement thinks you’re guilty. In fact, most prosecutors wont even file a charge unless they are pretty sure they are going to win. No District Attorney wants to look bad losing a case. So fight back. Get your own top notch criminal defense lawyer. Call the “I WIN DUI” guy today. 

client testimonials

If you’re considering a criminal defense attorney in Lake County, check out reviews. Client testimonials can help you determine which lawyer is best suited for your case. Read some of our client reviews below.

Jerry did everything! He got my suspension thrown out which means I got my license back right away. He also got me a great plea deal from the state. This is the lawyer you want. Thanks Jerry!


Happy DUI Client

Jerald Novak represented me in traffic court. I got a speeding ticket in a construction zone through the photo enforced system on IL Route 120. Mr. Novak got my ticket dismissed. If you want results, hire Jerry. His expertise and experience in the Lake County court system is excellent. Special thank you to his professional staff (worked with Nicole) who continually keep me informed throughout the process.


Absolutely the BEST in Lake County

Jerald Novak has been a blessing in my life, he is very professional and worked very hard for my case. Jerald goes above and beyond to get the best possible outcome. I recommend him to anyone seeking expertise in his area speeding, DUI and DWI Criminal defense, Administrative law. I cannot be thankful enough for the patience, understanding, and help he has provided for my case. I Highly recommend! A friend recommended me to him because he handled his case with a great outcome. 
Thanks Jerald!!


Grateful Criminal Defense Client

My 18 year old son was charged with DUI and facing a drivers license suspension. I called Jerry and after our first meeting I knew this was the guy to hire. Jerry fully explained the legal process and answered all of our questions in great detail. Jerry’s expertise is second to none. When everything was said and done the DUI was dismissed and the drivers license suspension was rescinded. Way to go Jerry, you DA Man!


Anxiety Free & Thankful Parent

Jerry novak & associates

If you have questions about a criminal case, or if you would like to help a loved one get out of jail, contact us today. We offer a free consultation. For almost 40 years we have helped people at the most difficult times of their lives. Call us today or fill out the form below. We will call you back the same day we receive your inquiry.