Charged With A DUI?

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Charged With A DUI?

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“I had 4 DUI’s and thought it would be impossible to get my license back…Jerry told me that if I followed his directions that I would be back on the road in ... Read More >>

Aggressive Defense Against Drunk Driving and Other Charges

A DUI arrest − whether the first, second or any subsequent offense − can be tough to handle. You want to make sure that a simple mistake or alcohol problem does not cast a shadow over the rest of your life.

I am Jerry Novak, an experienced Illinois DUI attorney. I started Jerald Novak & Associates to help people in Lake County and northern Cook County, Illinois, who have been arrested for DUI or other criminal charges including weapon concealment. Call me today at (847) 250-1385 or contact me for a free initial consultation.

My job is to simply and clearly explain the law to my clients, tell them what to expect, and help them avoid the harsh penalties associated with a DUI or criminal arrest. If you lost your license, I have a proven record of providing driving relief.

I don’t just say I can help with your Illinois DUI defense; I have the experience to prove it.

As an experienced DWI defense lawyer, I have handled thousands of drunk driving cases and have had extraordinary success helping clients deal with a wide range of issues related to DUI/DWI charges. Areas my drunk driving defense firm routinely handles include:

If you are charged with DUI, you need a law firm that concentrates on DUI defense. At Jerald Novak & Associates, that is exactly what you get. By concentrating on DUI cases, I am able to provide my clients with the most skilled and informed representation available in Lake County and Cook County. I keep up to date with the significant changes to Illinois DUI/DWI laws, and am able to use my knowledge and skills to form an effective and creative defense strategy for you.

My client testimonials speak volumes about what I can achieve in Illinois DUI cases, and if you would like, you can speak directly to clients I have helped.

A Proven Success

If you have been charged with driving-under-the-influence or any other criminal offense, please contact Jerald Novak & Associates. I Win DUI Cases.


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