An Overview Of Concealed Weapon Statutes In The State Of Illinois

Interviewer: Is that the same thing as the Firearms Concealed Carry Act in Illinois?

Jerald Novak: In Illinois, we call it the Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing Act which regulates the carrying of concealed firearms.

In Illinois a Concealed Carry License Only Entitles an Individual to Carry a Pistol or a Revolver, Other Types of Weapons May be in Violation of the Statute

Interviewer: What do you think firearms, what are we talking about with that?

Jerald Novak: Illinois is much different than many other states.  In other states, they usually refer to it as CCW, which stands for Concealed Carry Weapon. For example, if you had a CCW out of Florida, that allows you to carry a gun, a knife, a stun gun, a baton all sorts of defensive weapons, not just a firearm.  When I refer to a firearm, I’m talking about a pistol or a revolver. In Illinois, it’s a concealed carry license and it is specific to allow you only carry a pistol or a revolver, so if you carry other types of defensive weapons, you may be in violation of the statute.

Certain Types of Spring Assisted Knives are Legal and Certain Types are Not in Illinois

Interviewer: What if it’s a weapon that’s like lesser than that, like a knife or a stun gun?

Jerald Novak: First of all, knives have to be under 3.5 inches as far as the blade goes and it can’t be a knife which is operated with the button where the knife pops out.  We refer to that as spring assisted. Now, certain types of knifes in Illinois that are spring assisted are legal and other types are not legal, so it’s very important to understand the distinction.  As far as the stun gun goes, those are completely illegal in Illinois as well as a Taser, which is a device that looks like a firearm.  When you pull the trigger and it shoots out a barb which is attached by some coiled wire and it shoots a high level of electronic or electric voltage through the barb which stuns the attacker and temporarily disables them.

A Taser Can be Purchased in Illinois if you Possess a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card

You can purchase a Taser, you’ll first of all need a FOID card, F-O-I-D or Firearm Owner’s Identification Card even though it is not a firearm and you can possess it but you can only possess it inside your home or inside your business.  Now, you cannot carry it under any circumstances.  Well, I should say the ordinary citizen cannot carry it under any circumstances.  The law enforcement carries that, security can carry it, the licensed private detectives, proprietary security forces like bank guards, that type of things, they can get special licensing to carry those but the ordinary citizen cannot carry those types of devices.

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