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A DUI arrest can be scary to go through, whether it’s the first time or it’s happened before. A knowledgeable Bannockburn, Illinois DUI defense attorney can aggressively defend your DUI case, but it is important to start fighting your DUI charges immediately.

DUI lawyer Jerald Novak has a unique combination of qualifications as a DUI attorney that no other attorney can make a claim to. He is the only DUI defense attorney in Lake County who has taken the police officers training course on administering standardized field sobriety tests, and he is the only one who is qualified to teach the course. He is also a licensed private detective, license number 115.002238 and the only attorney in Lake County Illinois admitted to the National DUI Defense College.

His unique background and 25 years of experience fighting DUI charges allows this Bannockburn drunk driving defense lawyer to creatively attack the way the criminal justice system works and find innovative ways to successfully win DUI cases. He can help you fight your DUI conviction. Newsweek Magazine named him a 2012 Leader in Criminal Defense.

Why are Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Unfair?

Most standardized field sobriety tests involve balancing on one foot, walking on an imaginary line, or touching your finger to your nose. None of these tasks are necessary to be a safe driver. Several common medical issues can make many of these exercises difficult without alcohol in your system.

  • Sleep apnea, sleep deprivation or just being tired
  • Diabetes, low blood sugar can impair a person, making them seem intoxicated
  • Epilepsy, which can be triggered by flashing lights
  • Sports or work injuries
  • Obesity can affect your ability on coordination tests
  • Inner ear infections can affect balance

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