Beach Park, Illinois DUI Defense Lawyer

A DUI arrest in Beach Park, Illinois can be a scary experience, whether it’s your first offense or you’ve had multiple DUI arrests.  You may be facing jail time, license suspension, and large fines. Remember that a DUI defense attorney in Beach Park, Illinois can be critical in helping you fight a DUI conviction.

Jerald Novak and Associates is a law firm that handles only DUI cases. After 25 years of DUI defense work, Jerald ovak brings experience and a record of success to clients in Beach Park. His unique qualifications allow him to find creative defenses and win DUI cases on behalf of his clients.

There are a number of facts that make Jerald Novak an exclusive DUI defense attorney in Beach Park, including:

  • He is the only DUI defense lawyer in Lake County to have been admitted to the National DUI Defense College where less than 1% of attorneys nationally are admitted.
  • He is the only DUI defense attorney in Lake County to have taken the police officers training course on standardized field sobriety tests
  • He is the only DUI defense attorney in Lake County to be certified to teach the police officers course on administering field sobriety tests
    • This enables him to understand the errors that police officers can and do make while administering standardized field sobriety tests.
    • He is a licensed private detective, license number 115.002238
      • This allows him to undertake a more thorough discovery process; for example he takes the time to go to the scene of an arrest to look for and find evidence that there was unfair conditions when field sobriety tests were administered.

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