Fox Lake, IL Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

After a DUI arrest in Fox Lake, Illinois, many people wonder what to do next. A knowledgeable Fox Lake drunk driving defense attorney is crucial in helping you through your case. Jerald Novak is a uniquely qualified Fox Lake DUI defense lawyer. He offers you the following advice after your DUI arrest:

  • Immediately following your arrest, it is important to go request a license suspension hearing. It is possible to receive a driver’s permit or to have your suspension case thrown out.
    • Your attorney can help you file petitions to challenge your license suspension or to get a driver’s permit during your suspension.
    • Once you contact a Fox Lake DUI defense attorney, your attorney can file an attorney appearance. This notifies all involved parties that you have legal counsel, and lets them know that they are not to question you without your attorney present.
      • Your Fox Lake DUI defense lawyer will also file a motion for discovery, which allows them to gather all of the information and evidence from your case. The sooner your lawyer has this information, the better he can prepare and defend you.
      • Your attorney can also get ahold of the arrest report and alcohol influence report
      • Your attorney can acquire the police’s version of your performance on the field sobriety tests
      • Your lawyer can find out whether the breathalyzer was tested for accuracy prior to your breath test. This is critical to your case.

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From Attorney Jerald Novak – “I am aggressive in defense of my clients, no matter what. Prosecutors know I’ll be ready to investigate thoroughly, file the right motions and challenge the charges aggressively.

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