Hiring the Right DUI Attorney

I believe that every client deserves an attorney that is right for their case and their particular situation. I encourage everyone charged with a DUI to contact several attorneys and hire the DUI defense lawyer that can best meet their needs. Jerald Novak & Associates provides every potential client a free consultation where I can explain how I can help you and give you the opportunity to determine whether I am the attorney that best meets your needs.

Whether or not you choose to hire Jerald Novak & Associates, there are some important considerations to take into account prior to making your decision:

Choosing an Attorney for Your Situation – Every DUI defense attorney has a different style and you must choose the attorney that best meets your needs. I concentrate on DUI defense. I am up to date on current laws and how they affect each case. If you need a tax lawyer, you should hire a lawyer that specializes in tax law. If you need a DUI defense attorney you should hire a lawyer that concentrates on DUI cases, not an attorney that only handles one or two a year.

Case Load – Make sure your attorney will spend the time necessary to properly handle your case. If your attorney does not prepare you and has not prepared themselves, you are not likely to prevent your license suspension or have your driver’s license reinstated at a Secretary of State Reinstatement Hearing.

Percentage of Victory – Pay attention to how often an attorney successfully handles DUI cases. How often do their clients win DUI hearings, obtain hardship licenses, and have their driving privileges restored at the Secretary of State Reinstatement Hearing. Attorneys with exceptional winning percentages should have statistic and references available.

Accessibility – Regardless of the area of law, your attorney should be accessible to answer questions about your case. When you talk to your attorney, they should be able to provide you with information about the status of your case. If your attorney does not return your calls and does not know the status of your case, they are not likely to provide a positive outcome.

Establish Relationship of Trust – Trust is essential in all DUI cases. You need to trust your DUI attorney and they need to trust you. Since accurate and trustworthy information is always the deciding factor in DUI cases, you must establish an open and truthful relationship with your attorney. Contradictory information during a Secretary of State Reinstatement Hearing will prevent you from regaining your driving privileges.

Provide DUI Information – Your Illinois DUI attorney should provide you with information about DUI law up front. Failure to provide you information generally means that a lawyer does not know. An experienced Illinois DUI attorney will have DUI information readily available. Sharing this information helps build the relationship of trust that is necessary to win DUI cases, reinstatement hearings, and prevent suspended or revoked driver’s licenses.

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