Lake Barrington, Illinois DUI Defense Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Lake Barrington, Illinois, it is important for you to be aware of your legal rights now. Your DUI case has already begun!

Contact Jerald Novak and Associates as soon as possible for legal advice on how to best move forward with your Lake Barrington DUI case. After 25 years as a DUI defense attorney in Lake Barrington, Illinois, Jerald Novak is highly accomplished and skilled.

Because Jerald Novak has completed both the student and instructor courses in standardized field sobriety testing, the training allows Jerald Novak to see the flaws in these tests and the errors in the way the police administered them. He said, “The police administer these tests improperly which results in their belief that the client has failed the test. I don’t let these errors go unchallenged when the police falsely claim that my clients have failed these tests.

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