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Jerald Novak opened his DUI defense law firm with the understanding that a DUI conviction can have a detrimental impact on a person’s life. Losing your driver’s license can make it nearly impossible to get around, get work and support your family not to mention possible jail time and fines.

Because he focuses on DUI defense law and nothing else, Jerald Novak is a highly qualified DUI defense attorney in Lake Bluff, Illinois. His unique credentials allow him to find creative ways to fight DUI charges.

Field Sobriety Testing in Lake Bluff

The legal level for blood alcohol content in Lake Bluff is .08. An adult male who weighs over 200lbs may be able to consume several alcoholic beverages before he can feel the effects. He may consume over 10 beers in a night and still test below the legal limit. A 120lb female, however, may put herself over the legal limit with just a few alcoholic beverages. It is in your best interest not to admit to consuming alcohol to the police. You can politely refuse to answer all of their questions.  You also have the right to refuse breath, blood and urine testing.

Every person is different, and variables such as gender, weight, age, time of day, location, weather, traffic conditions, medical history and energy levels can all affect performance on the standardized field sobriety tests. This information can be used to fight your DUI. It is critical that you contact a DUI lawyer in Lake Bluff as soon as possible.

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