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You’ve recently been arrested for driving under the influence in Old Mill Creek… what next? If you’re convicted, you could lose your driver’s license. It is critical to understand your options and what to do next. Our Old Mill Creek DUI defense attorneys are here to help.

Not only is DUI defense lawyer Jerald Novak committed to fighting your Old Mill Creek DUI charges, he is also highly qualified to do so. After successfully completing the police officer’s course on standardized field sobriety tests, he became qualified as an instructor to teach police officers how to administer the tests. This education allows him to understand how the tests work, their strengths and more importantly their flaws.  Defeating these tests is the key to winning your dui case.

In the State of Illinois, you don’t have to wait until your court date to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license after your DUI arrest. If you contact an Old Mill Creek DUI defense lawyer immediately after you’re arrested, we can start the clock on your case. The State has 30 days from the time we file a written challenge to your license suspension to hold a hearing. If the State fails to give you this hearing within 30 days a judge has the discretion to throw out the license suspension portion of your case. By putting the state on defense instead of offense, we turn the tables on them.

It is critical for you to have professional legal help on your side. Contact a DUI attorney in Old Mill Creek, Illinois as soon as possible to minimize the consequences of your arrest.

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