Saving Your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)

Illinois drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are held to a higher standard of responsibility than the general public. CDL holders caught with a blood alcohol content of .04 or more are disqualified from driving commercial vehicles for a year. Multiple offenders are disqualified for life. If you have a CDL and face DUI penalties, you need a law firm dedicated solely to drunk driving defense.

I founded Jerald Novak & Associates to give people in Lake County and northern Cook County, Illinois, skilled and informed legal representation. Because I focus solely on criminal and DUI / DWI defense, I know the laws and what it takes to reduce the charges and lessen harsh criminal penalties. I have handled several drunk driving cases and I am well versed in the procedures to save your CDL.

Supervision Conviction

While it is possible for a CDL driver to get supervision after a DUI arrest, it is still listed on the license as conviction. Saving your CDL becomes a matter of amending the charge and reducing penalties. I am committed to helping my clients retain their driver’s license and avoid DUI convictions on their record. I can help save your license and your job.

Do You Really Need a CDL?

I understand that holding a CDL gives one a sense of pride and accomplishment. Many people want to retain their license for future use, even if they do not currently drive commercial vehicles. However, if you do not currently need a CDL and will not need one in the near future, I encourage you to declassify your license. You can always get your CDL back, if needed. You cannot always regain your driving privileges if caught drinking and driving.

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