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Nothing says more about the skill and experience of Jerald Novak & Associates than the words of our clients. I have helped thousands of people resolve issues related to DUI / DWI arrests and driver’s license suspensions. While I cannot guarantee results regarding any specific drunk driving allegation, there is no better predictor of future success than past success.

My clients speak volumes about what I can achieve as your DUI lawyer. In my office I provide books listing the results I have achieved for my DUI / DWI clients. The following is a sample of what my previous clients have had to say about my Illinois DUI defense services.

DUI Defense Client Testimonials

“I can’t say enough about Mr. Novak. I got myself in a big mess which could have affected the rest of my life but Jerald Novak stepped in and helped in a big way. Given the charges that were against me, another attorney told me that there was no way that he could get some of the charges dismissed but he did and I am forever grateful. I made a mistake and he helped me in a big way.
I had to get a BAID device installed on my car which was causing me many problems. When he found out about it he got the company to reprogram the device within hours. That’s right, within 3 hours I had something I could live for six months.
He took his time with multiple court appearances to achieve the best possible outcome for me. It was actually beyond the best possible outcome for no additional charge. His staff is incredible also! They help walk me through the entire process which I really appreciated.He is my attorney for life!”Dave

“I’ve been dealing with issues for my license for a long time having a dui getting suspended being revoked a never ending cycle. I was driving while revoked and got pulled over for speeding. Now this was my second time getting stopped driving while on a revoked license I was looking at jail time. I had another lawyer who I won’t mention his name but never steered me in the right direction I was eligible for a hardship but never was told I thought once date was up that was it so a friend recommended Mr. Novak to me I went and spoke with him and left his office feeling relieved he knew what to say to ease your mind and gave you a legit answer on what he would be able to do for you. We had to do a couple court appearances but needless to say he reduced the jail time to fines and community service hrs and saved my lively hood I couldn’t afford jail time and to lose my job and possibly home. I’d recommend Mr. Novak to everybody he’s an incredible lawyer and worth every penny. Now I’m just waiting to be eligible for a hardship in November so that Mr. Novak can help me finally be legal on the road and I have full convince he will help do just that.”Francisco

“I feel fortunate to have stumbled across Mr. Novak when seeking assistance on an out of state DUI charge. I was completely unstrung by my situation and he helped me to see that with his help, things could be resolved in a much more reasonable amount of time that I believed could happen. His vast knowledge of DUI law coupled with his kind demeanor make me thankful I hired him.” – A DUI Client

“I was referred to Jerry Novak by an acquaintance who told me if I wanted my driving privileges back, then Jerry was the best man for the job! I had spoken with many different lawyers and no one even gave me the time of day. Jerry talked to me over the phone for over 40 minutes. When I got off the phone with him I knew right then and there that he was the right attorney for me. At my very first meeting Jerry made me feel very confident that I had made the right decision. He gave me the time and personal support that I needed to be well prepared for my formal hearing. He is very knowledgeable about the SOS reinstatement process and overall in DUI law. When I went for my formal hearing I felt that I had the best attorney representing me. I am now waiting on the decision from the Secretary of State.”Ron

“I had to appear in court due to two traffic tickets.

I think it’s not a pleasant experience to appear in court and I was fairly apprehensive about entire thing…

During our initial conversation Jerald Novak communicated to me very clearly best/worst outcomes that I can expect and suggested how to proceed. During conversation he conducted himself very professionally, with personal touches to put troubled mind at ease. He definitely had good legal knowledge and experience in those types of cases.

I followed his advice, he handled my case brilliantly and I could not hope for better outcome!

Hope me or any of my family & friends will not need legal services of this manner again, but if I do I will definitely come back to Jerald Novak.” – A Speeding Ticket Client

“I have retained Jerry after being denied twice while I was represented by another lawyer. Not only was Jerry very informative as to why I was denied before, but after retaining him I got my permit at the first hearing we had. I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone who is looking for a DUI lawyer.” – Bob

“I recently retained Jerald Novak to represent me in my DUI case. He was extremely knowledgeable, presented me with all possible scenarios and educated me throughout the entire process. While I do not wish anyone to have to go through this; if you find yourself in the unfortunate scenario you need Mr. Novak on your side. He took my call immediately, talked me through all the possibilities and got me the best possible outcome that can be derived from a DUI arrest. My license was not suspended, no BAAID machine, no lost driving time, and nothing on my permanent record. His entire staff was courteous and knowledgeable. If you ever find yourself in this unpleasant situation Jerald Novak is the man you want fighting for you. Nothing like lawyers I’ve dealt with in the past; I am so thankful he was referred to me; he saved my freedom and driving privileges! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!” – Jen

“Jerald Novak and Associates is an outstanding law firm. They all took the time and dedication to my case; kept me informed the entire time and help me retain my driving privilege’s back. I would recommend anybody that is going through DUI/DWI to use Jerald Novak and associates.” – Jason

“Bad time in life… got married and later that evening got a DUI… It happened while driving home in the parking lot where I lived a car backed out and hit me. So, Boom DUI for me (feet away from my parking spot) A friend referred Jerry to me and met him the next day. He immediately calmed me down and went over what he can do for me. Basically the police couldn’t put me on the road so my license wasn’t suspended. He communicated with me all the way thru the process. His professionalism and knowledge is un-matched in the legal profession!! I recently contacted him the other day for a friend of mine, and Jerry’s working with him now. This is my second referral. I hope I never need his service again, but if I do I’m glad to know him!!!” – Bob

“Bad things can happen to good, but stubborn people like me… Jerry’s straightforward calm demeanor and experience took me from a nightmarish suicidal depression to an optimistic path forward after I was arrested the second time. He negotiated a conditional probation from what could have been up to 90 days in jail for my DUI. Then, when I was caught driving on the revoked license (forbidden by the conditional probation), he was able to negotiate the revoked driving and the potential felony probation violation to be dismissed, if I would reform my habits. He counseled me and my wife in a respectful way letting us know what we needed to do to get my license back and recover our lives.” – Dave

“Not only did Mr. Novak effectively settle my son’s DUI, but because of his ability to connect with my son in a sincere and no nonsense manner, my son went into treatment and is maintaining his recovery. My son is now back in school, has a part time job, has new friends and goals. None of this would have happened had we not hired Mr. Novak.” – Christian

“Jerald Novak is truly amazing at what he does! He’s dependable, reassuring and was very sensitive to my issue.

I had received an Underage Drinking Ticket and since I was a minor I could have gotten my driver’s license taken away, even though I wasn’t even behind the wheel! I and 20+ kids had received the same ticket. All the other people at the party had used ONE lawyer, almost as if it was a “group-on” deal… after talking with Mr. Novak I decided to hire him to represent me. Mr. Novak separated my case from all the other kid’s cases and he got my Underage Drinking ticket reduced to a loitering ticket! AMAZING! Everyone else got stuck with an Underage Drinking Ticket! Mr. Novak definitely got me a better out-come than anyone else at the party… the Underage Drinking Ticket doesn’t even show up on my record! Everyone else that went to that party, that didn’t use Mr. Novak, will forever have an Underage Drinking Ticket on their record. Mr. Novak’s legal experience, legal knowledge and ability to navigate the system definitely made a difference on my case!” – E.H

“I was driving on a suspended license, when i was pulled over. Mr. Novak saved my job and my life literally but getting my license reinstated thus saving my job and my family. He is a miracle worker!” – Charles

“Jerry Novak doesn’t mince words or waste your time…but he sure knows DUI law and if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, he’s the guy you want representing you in Lake County. He’s the best! Thank god I went with him.” – A DUI Client

“If you have a DUI in Lake County, IL I highly recommend using Jerald Novak from Grayslake. He’s experienced and knows all the judges and prosecutors and most of the police force as well and can get your sentence reduced or eliminated. I only lost my license for one month and my employer never found out, and my DUI doesn’t show up on any pre-employment searches. He’s fast, to the point and is worth every penny!”A DUI Client

“I had 4 DUI’s and thought it would be impossible to get my license back…Jerry told me that if I followed his directions that I would be back on the road in no time. He was right! We had a hearing and I got a permit! Today I have full reinstatement. Thanks to Jerry!”Tim K.

“Jerry’s book, “ The Secretary of State Formal Hearing Guide” was invaluable in providing me with a step-by-step road map of all of the documentary evidence needed to get my license back.
I would never have gotten my license back without Jerry’s book and his skillful representation.”
Bryan S.

“I lost my license because I had 2 DUI’s and 7 arrests for Driving while Revoked. Four lawyers told me it was hopeless to get my license back. Jerry was the only lawyer who cared enough to help me every step of the way. After being without a license for 19 years Jerry got me a permit at my first hearing and now I have my license back!

I don’t believe there is a more qualified DUI attorney than Jerry!”Scott W.

“I had 4 DUI’s and even served time in the penitentiary. One hearing with Jerry’s representation got me a permit to drive! I never thought it would be possible!
If Jerry can get me a permit there’s no doubt he can help you too!”
Steve S.

“Jerry beat 2 Statutory Summary Suspensions. We took the case to a jury trial and I was acquitted of all charges!!!
Jerry is quite simply the best DUI attorney there is!”
George K.

“I was in deep trouble with my 3rd DUI. Jerry got it reduced to a lesser charge and got the license suspension rescinded. Jerry saved my license my, my job and my life!
Jerry’s a tough, aggressive, hard-nosed, no nonsense DUI Lawyer!”
Anthony M.

“I was wrongfully arrested for DUI. All the lawyers I talked to wanted me to take a plea bargain. Jerry took my case to trial and the Judge found me “NOT GUILITY!”
Jerry is a tiger in the courtroom!”
Marke S.

“I was arrested for DUI. Jerry found reasons why the State’s Attorney’s Office should dismiss the case…and they did!
I believe that Jerry’s attention to detail, knowledge and experience puts him way ahead of the pack!”
Kyle H.

“I was arrested for my 3rdDUI. Jerry won the license suspension hearing but lost the jury trial. Jerry never gave up hope. Jerry filed post trial motions and ultimately an appeal.
Thanks to Jerry’s tireless efforts I am still legally driving today.”
Louis Z.

“Jerry defended my DUI with the precision of a surgeon. He cut away the states case until there was nothing left. Jerry won the license suspension hearing and the trial.
Jerry is a master of DUI law.”
Steve R.

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