Why Do People Hesitate to Retain an Attorney to Defend a DUI Charge?

Interviewer: It seems like people should definitely hire an attorney every time for a DUI, but what do you find people are afraid of? What holds them back from calling an attorney when they have this problem?

The Legal Profession Has Developed a Reputation

Jerald Novak: I think people are afraid of attorneys because of their reputation. We’re often thought of as sharks and so people are afraid to deal with us. I think also most attorneys pretend to really know what they’re talking about. When in fact, they’re more interested in getting your case, and tell you what you want to hear.

Some people question the honesty and the integrity of the legal profession. Let’s face it. They wouldn’t make all those jokes about attorneys for no reason. It’s important to find an attorney who you can trust.

If Possible, Ask the Attorney for Past Clients’ Recommendations

If you come into my office, one of the first things you see on the wall is a lot of pictures of clients with testimonials. These testimonials attest to how I won their case, or I won their license suspension, or I got their license reinstated. I do this to instill confidence with new clients that I can in fact do what I claim I can do.

I have a lot of testimonials, and I’m happy. Anybody who sees any testimonials on the wall, or I’ve got about 20 ring binders full of testimonials, I’m happy to pull out the most recent testimonials and have the client sit down in the conference room and read through some of the them.

I am happy to pull that other client’s file, dial the phone, and hand the new client the phone and let them talk to the client who wrote the testimonial. I have nothing to fear because all of my clients are usually very happy with the results I achieve.

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