Winthrop Harbor DUI Defense Lawyer

Seeing those flashing blue and red lights in the rearview mirror is never a fun experience. But what should you do when the Winthrop Harbor Police Officer walks up to your window and asks if you’ve been drinking alcohol?

DUI Defense Attorney Jerald Novak has some advice for you. First of all- the police are not your friends in this situation. Be polite, but don’t answer any questions. Even the seemingly innocent questions can come back to haunt you in court. You have no obligation to submit to any field sobriety tests or a breath test.

If you are a first offender the officer may tell you that your license will be suspended for12 months for refusing any tests, but they won’t tell you that with the help of a Winthrop Harbor DUI defense lawyer, you can get a driver’s permit for 11 of those 12 months. If the breathalyzer shows that your blood alcohol level is over .08 (the legal limit in Winthrop Harbor), your license will be suspended as well. A DUI lawyer in Winthrop Harbor can help you obtain a permit in either case, and will work with you to attack your drivers license suspension and defend your dui case.

Jerald Novak is a highly qualified DUI attorney. “I have 25 years of experience, and that’s all I do. There are a lot of attorneys who have many practice areas; they’re the jack of all trades, master of none. All I do is DUI defense, and all I do well is DUI defense.

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